Dreamgirls is a movie for any fan of motown and the history of that era, but even the most ardent fans will cringe everytime Jennifer Hudson as Effie White hits those high notes. I don’t understand how she got a best supporting actress nomination Oscar, I really don’t. She wasn’t horrible by any means, but she was nowhere near an Oscar-worthy performance.

I liked that the movie was set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, as a parallel to the struggle of black musicians to bring their music to to the white dominated pop charts. It’s also fun to match the real life motown singers to their fictional counterparts (ie the jackson 5 = the campbell connection, marvin gaye = jimmy early), and just to watch the progression of the characters as the story goes along.

I wouldn’t call Dreamgirls a bad movie, but it isn’t stellar either. It’s just good enough that you don’t feel cheated of your hard earned money, like after watching a movie like ghost rider.


4 Comments to “Dreamgirls”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like your site and in fact, I may very well visit your site every other time. Dreamgirls is an ok movie, if one’s looking for action and stuff of that sorts. But I thought the storyline and as you’ve said, against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, was good coupled with good songs.

  2. Thanks Ray, always nice to know that people like the site. Keep on visiting!

  3. I saw Ghostrider, but a friend paid. You need friends like that in this business. Come to think of it though, it was his idea to see it. The bastard!

  4. A friend of mine gets discounts at the theater, but that still wasn’t enough to merit watching ghost rider. blech.

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