Go heart your own damn city

Probably as a response to the proliferation of “I ❤ New York” T-shirts all around the world, reason clothing released this nicely crafted rebuttal T-shirt.  Gotta love those Noo Yawkers eh?

For more  pics and info on Reason, click here.


10 Comments to “Go heart your own damn city”

  1. I need to find an “I [hate] New York” shirt. Been looking for 5 years now. You’d think someone would carry it here.

  2. I work right by Ground Zero and trip over tourist wearing I ❤ NY shirts.
    I saw a kid wearing the Go ❤ Your Own City and I thought it was hysterical.

  3. Where can I get one of those. I saw a kid with one last night. I think its great.

  4. Damn, i was about to want one before you got 2 seperate commenters who’ve already seen it somewhere. Nah, i still want one kinda.

    By the way, you wouldn’t believe how popular the “I heart NY”s are now in New York. It’s THE latest big thing with the ghetto crowd. Fruity colored heart T’s with matching fruity sneakers. I’m mad i didn’t start it. There are also variations like “i heart DR” for the dominicans, and another one i heard about but haven’t seen. They’re all the rage.

  5. new zealand has

    I ❤ NZ

  6. The Go Heart Your Own City shirt is available online at our website. http://www.reasonclothing.com to buy!!

  7. Ha! I’d buy one if you delivered to the Philippines.




  9. I cannot find this shirt in stock for the life of me…Saw one white one in size medium but that’s it. I was kind of hoping for a purple one so it sticks out a little more, but no store that I have contacted is answering me when I ask when they’ll be in stock. Anyone care to help?

  10. I’m desperately looking for one too and in Germany i cannot find any either. lloking forward to anybody’s help.

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