Malaysian pirates send hitmen to teach dogs a lesson


In one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read in a while, it appears that DVD pirates (yarrr!) have put out a hit on two Labradors named Lucky and Flo who have been instrumental in busting a $3 million pirate (yaaaar!) operation.  It’s unknown how much the conract for two doggies’ deaths will pay, but they’ve been whisked away to a super secret hideaway in order to assure their safety for future DVD sniffing action.

More info about pirate fighting dogs after the jump.


5 Comments to “Malaysian pirates send hitmen to teach dogs a lesson”

  1. Apparently, it takes about eight months and US$17,000 to train a dog to detect optical discs to prevent DVD pirates from exporting their illegal DVDs out. I don’t know how effective this would be but I suppose time would tell.

  2. well apparently it was effective enough so that there are hitmen out on a contract to off these two doggies. 17k

  3. I’m definitely sure there are other ways to deal with this matter instead of killing those two doggies. What people would do to protect their interest.


  4. You know what they should do? They shold train a dog to hunt down the other two doggies. That would be so kick ass, and that way it’d be a fair fight.

  5. I suppose you’re right. No right or wrong in this sense 😉


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