Samsung P300

So I’ve been looking at phones lately as well, hoping against hope that a small bonus will be coming in soon. I know the Samsung P300 isn’t on the top of many people’s lists and it’s already pretty old, but the design jsut really caught my eye. 80’s retro cool may be out of style, but I still dig the fact that this phone looks like a calculator, very James Bond-ish. That, and the fact that it comes with its own leather cover/extra battery make this phone even cooler than it already is.

I’ve sort of passed the multimedia super gadget phone phase of my life, and right now I just really want a slim, stylish phone. The K800 is just a little too bulky for my tastes, the K810 isn’t here yet and will probably be too expensive, and the samsung d900 is slim and stylish, but quite a few people have them already, so I’ve got my sights set on this baby.

Of course, I change my mind about this every 5 minutes, so that’s really not a guarantee.


One Comment to “Samsung P300”

  1. I like the fact that it has a wide keypad as I’m always fumbling on mine, a samsung D500. But yeah, it has a 007-ish feel to it!


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