Samsung UpStage/F300/m620

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this phone, but then again I’ve been steering away from poorly made convergence devices (read: unless the damn thing can hold at LEAST 30 gigs, I ain’t interested).  Samsung’s take in it is pretty novel to say the least.  Taking a page from Sony Ericcson’s book, the Korean manufacturer decided to make one side look like an MP3 player and the other side look like a phone so that your gadget is on, yet separate.  A microSD slot allows for up to 2GB or music goodness, which is decent, but far from enough for music nerds.  My one biggest complaint is the tiny ass screen on the “phone” side.  I mean seriously, what’s up with that Samsung?  It reminds me of those one liner Ericcson phones from way waaaaaay back.

More info here and a gallery here.


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