I need Entourage Season 4!


Entourage is the show you watch before you go on a boys’ night out.  It’s Sex and the City for men.  It’s what every red-blodded, horndog man aspires to at some point in his life.  It’s funny, witty, hip, and has jsut enough underlying tones of male emotional bonding to make it feel real.

Ostensibly it’s about the life of one Vincent Chase, an up and coming movie star,  his brother Drama (a washed out actor), E (Vince’s best friend and his manager), and Turtle (a sometime rap music manager and freeloader).  It’s supposedl based on the life of Mark Wahlberg (who co-produces the series), and tells the tales and travails of a bunch of friends living the life in Hollywood, and it comes with all the glitz, glamour, and sex that you can imagine.

HBO’s been yoyo-ing between finally finishing season 3 and filming for season 4, and with their history of cutting good shows, it’s still touch and go at this point.  I really hope they keep this show going though, because it’s spectacular.  I’d suggest that any guy out there just go out and buy a copy of the complete seasons 1,2 and 3.  I don’t care if you buy the pirated copies, just WATCH THIS SHOW!

Update: Just as I was about to sumbit this blog, I noticed that HBO is indeed extending the series, and has a preview clip on the official entourage website.


One Comment to “I need Entourage Season 4!”

  1. So what happened in the last episode of season 2? Without checking episode recaps on HBO, discuss and highlight the main points. 😛

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