A little gadget love for the kids

So now that the market for teen and above targetted PMP (portable media player)s is saturated, it looks like companies are hopping on the kiddie PMP bandwagon.  With kids these days much smarter and in the know that you were back in the day, they’re sure to pick up these gadgets even before their folks do.

The Aigo F989 is a sweet looking machine that i actually wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, as it features a 2.4″ QVGA Screen, plays SFW and AVI at 30 frames/sec, and has a built-in 1.3MP camera.  The one feature  truly dig though, is the e-book reader, something which my creative Zen:M unfortunately and inexplicably does not do.

The Aigo MP-E817 looks like it’s more gamer centric, what with the crossbar, and sports a 2.4″ QVGA and also plays video (SFW and AVI files), has a mini-SD card slot and comes in 1Gb and 2GB flavors.

Check em out here.


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