First off, to the people who regularly visit this site, I’m sorry I’ve been away for days.  I’ve taken a mini art sabbatical to work on a painting, and it’s really eating up my time.  It’s also sort of refreshing to go out and do something in the “real world” that’s tangible, but I assure you I won’t be abandoning this blog anytime soon.

Well then, in homage to my project, I’ll just give you kids a quick link to an interview with noted street artist Josh MacPhee, where he talks about street art and how and why he does it as a means to expand people’s horizons.  We live in a world where vitually every bit of space we see is up for sale, and street art aims to take it back and give people’s eyes an alternative to the latest shampoo ad.

If you can dig where I’m coming from, clink on the link for more revolutionary talk.


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