Acrylic transfer/mixed media tutorial part 2

So, moving on from Part 1.  The Acrylic Emulsion’s dried, and now I want to add I bit of color to the painting.  I’d already thought of a  block of green on the side, so I mixed the thalo green with the white latex paint to get a color I liked (actually I didn’t really like it, I was just impatient.  Let this be a lesson to you kids, sometimes it’s worth the time it takes to get the right color).  Anyhoo, I take some masking tape to mark off the areas I want to paint and to make sure that the paint doesn’t spill over (which I actually did with the white background as well, though I forgot to mention it in part 1), and proceed to paint the right 1/3 of the plywood green.

<-see the masking tape?

After the paint’s dried a bit I peel off the masking tape and let it dry outside.  It’s time to make some stencils now.  The idea behind the painting, simplistic as it is, was to have the machine surrounded by the elements that make up political dynasties: Murder, Marriage, Media/Celebrity, Merges/Alliances, Myth, and Money.  I decided to make stencils out of these elements and spray paint them onto the plyboard.  This constituted designing the images in photoshop, printing them out, then cutting out the designs.  I laid out the printed design on a cutting board, overlaid it with acetate, then cut the image out (with an x-acto modeling knife) onto the acetate so it could be used more than once.  This took almost an entire day to do and by the end of it my fingers hurt like hell, even with frequent movi/TV breaks/internet breaks.

After the stencils are done, I call it a night and go to bed, as it’s around 1030PM already.  I wake up and set to laying out the stencils on the wood.  The tools of the trade here are masking tape, newspapers, the stencils, and a can of spray paint.  Use the masking tape to stick the stencils and newspapers on, making sure that the primary image is protected from random spray paint.

<–the weapon of choice for vandals worldwide

After that’s done, it’s a simple matter of spray painting over the stencils and making sure you try as much as possible not to make a mess.  There are instruction on the spray can, which I totally ignore.  It’s just a little ironic that the act of cutting the stencils took almost a day and the actual “painting” took maybe 5 minutes.  Life’s weird that way.

<-5 minutes later…

<– Voila! but it’s not quite done yet.

At this point the painting’s pretty much finished, but I feel like it’s lacking something, si I stencil a few more “accent” images, including a stylized signature that I’ll be painting on the bottom right corner.

<–The final product

And there you go.  I am now the semi-proud owner of a mixed media work that I have absolutely no idea what to do with.  Tomorrow, reflections, lessons, and a sneak preview at the next painting.


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