Acrylic transfer/mixed media tutorial part 3 (reflections/tips)

Making this painting made me realize how much i want a loft type studio where i can spend time painting.  Not one of those classy pre selling kinds, but the kinds popularized in old 80s and 90s movies that looked like old abandoned warehouses.

It’s also a bitch to paint outside, even with shade, especially if its a windy day.  I used to love windy days but I swear to god wind REALLY SUCKS when you’re trying to paint something.  Just keeping pieces of paper or newspaper down becomes an additional burden, not to mention dust mites or bits and pieces of foliage accidentally sticking to your paint.

Having a clear cut plan is a solid idea, and one that will save you a lot of time and trouble.  Even though some of the time i had to Macguyver my way through the painting  had pretty general idea how I wanted it to end up and the process I was going to take to get to that end.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  This first painting was partly an experiment for me, even though I wanted to have a good finished product.  I’ll take the things I learned from making this one and hopefully make use of them in my next painting, which will be a satire (I hope) on police brutality.


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