Starcraft Origami


I have been away for many days, mourning the cracking of the ZEN:M.  NO, I lie.  I was just lazy.  I’m still not over it so please, be gentle and don’t ask me any questions.


This Flickr page hath brough me cheer.  Starcraft Origami from the kids in Korea FTW.  Not that it’ll take the stench of the VT kiler out of everyont’s collective mouth, but at least this must be proof that not all those kids are bad seeds.  Nobody who could make origami this beautiful could be bad, could he?


17 Comments to “Starcraft Origami”

  1. It’s pink zergling. Wow.

    Now I’m hungry…

  2. Actually, it’s a hydralisk.

  3. Hey, you’re right. It doesn’t have legs.
    Sigh, that was a good game. We need SC2. Pronto.

  4. yes it’s a hydra. I think Blizzard’s going to announce a starcraft related game soon. I hope. ehhe

  5. venomancer! hehehe. 🙂

  6. Fuck, I thought there’d be instructions on how to make a paper-lisk.

  7. yeah…i will build this lisk too…but i don´t find any konstruction plan!T.T

  8. Gib instructionz


  10. i know how to make one!!

  11. hydralisk starcraft 2 (something invasion)its gunna be a new clan xD

  12. can i join the clan? 😀

  13. jk i dont want too i all redy have a starcraft clan

  14. HEY ITS venomancer from DOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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