Chen Shui who?


In one of the most ludicrous shoe related news I have ever read, Nike’s put out a limited edition Air Force 1 shoe with Taiwanese president Chen Shui Bian’s mug “lasered” on the side of the shoe.  I seriously doubt that any self respecting Taiwanese hipster would want to wear these shoes, but what do I know right?  I’m just a geek blogger after all.

In other presidential show related news, Nike Philippines is releasing its own limited edition shoe with former president Erap Estrada’s face printed on the side of a red, yellow, and blue colored shoe, with a matching wristband to boot.


2 Comments to “Chen Shui who?”

  1. As much as I love the timeless design of AF1’s, I feel that nike has gone overboard on the whole customizing the AF1 schtick. What started out as a few shops bulk ordering custom swatch designs of the same cut, has turned full blown money making machine where every week a new color/ material combination is being sold in specialty shops for $300-$500 a pair. And for what? the priviledge of owning a shoe that has only 500 pairs. Yeesh, and to think logisiticly, nikes cost about a $1 to produce.

    So its quite karmic when the day comes when they finally run out of ideas and color combinations : This pretty much is a good foreshadowing of it.

  2. so get on it and finish those cutomized shoes you’re making!

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