Broken Creative Vision:M LCD Screen pt2 : I’m screwed


What’s a polite way of saying, sorry, you’re screwed?   Let Creative Labs show you how.

Dear ryan

Thank you for the information provided.

As regards to your enquiry, I would like to inform you that the limited
warranty does not apply to the damage caused by normal wear and tear,
abnormal use or conditions, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, improper
handling or storage, exposure to moisture, unauthorized modifications,
alterations, or repairs, improper installation, improper use of any
electrical source, undue physical or electrical stress, operator error,
non-compliance with instructions or other acts which are not the fault
of Creative, including damage or loss during shipment.

However base on the information you provided, I am afraid that you will
not be able to use the warranty claim for in warranty servicing. As such
we will treat the product as out of warranty case and you will be liable
for servicing cost and subjected to stock availabilities.

For more information on warranty coverage, you can refer to the link

In case if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact
us. Thank you.

So the short version is that they won’t be able to help me out.  It’s hard to get angry because they were really polite about it and the responses came back very quickly, but I’m disappointed because this isn’t an isolated case.  Like I pointed out with some of my earlier posts, this has been happening a lot, and a company as large as creative labs should have the responsibility to take care of situation slike this where it’s obviously a manufacturing defect that’s causing these screen cracks.

They lose a lot of goodwill this way, and word of mouth spreads like wildfire these days, especially with the internet (ahem ahem).  A month ago I would have gleefully endorsed creative to anyone who would listen, but now I can’t really encourage anyone to buy one afte what I’ve experienced.  Acoworker of mine was actually asking about what MP3 video player to purchase, and I suggested an archos instead, just because I couldn’t wholeheartedly reccomend a piece of hardware whose screen might crack at any moment for no given reason.


6 Comments to “Broken Creative Vision:M LCD Screen pt2 : I’m screwed”

  1. Zune FTW! 😀

    (okay, maybe not..)

  2. I was actually considering the zune, but a huge reason why I chose the creative was the capability to play xvid files on the fly, with no conversion necessary.

  3. i got the exact same thing im gonna complain my ass off about the fact that its a creative issue and not ours were not idiots hell i repair ipods to make money i should know when ive done something like mishandled my creative

  4. This just happened to me two days ago. My screen is cracked and i have no idea how it happened. It plays the music fine it just has a cracked screen that doesnt work. I guess we’re out of luck…

  5. yes, sadly my screen broke too…. i had it wrapped up it clothes in my bag and somehow screen broke. This anoys me because it iwas a good player & now its a sh!t paper weight.
    might have to go to ebay with some of this stuff.

  6. Actually I still get some use out of it these days as a divx/xvid player. Creative’ss till one of the few to accept the divx format natively so I just hook it up tot he tv with off the shelf cables and voila!

    I got a zune to replace it for everyday use though.

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