This proves I am a bigger geek than all of you combined aka Spiderman T-shirt design FTW!

So on May 1 my friends and I are gonna watch Spiderman 3 in Powerplant. It’s not my theater of choice but since a lot of my friends are watching there I figured why the hell now. Big movie events excite the fanboy in me, and so to commemorate one of the best movie franchises in recent years, I made a Siderman 3 t-shirt. What’s cool (as cool as geeky can get) about the Tee is that on the front is the red “good” Spiderman logo and on the back is the black “evil symbiote badass motha” Spiderman logo.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening working on this, and while I was still a bit disappointed with the results and tired from the heat (and paint fumes) I will wear this T-shirt proudly tomorrow, just as my friends will look elsewhere and pretend they do not know me.

Spiderman red

Spiderman Black


9 Responses to “This proves I am a bigger geek than all of you combined aka Spiderman T-shirt design FTW!”

  1. Hey, Ryan, why don’t you paint the white spidey logo on black shirt instead?
    Goes along with the ‘back in black’ theme 🙂

  2. I still might. 😉

  3. Here is something more about spider man logo

  4. hi, you did a great job in those 2tees, gratz =)
    can i ask favor? im trying to make one for me too. but i cant find a good quality spidey logo so i can print it. is it possible if you could send me the one you used on both or at least in the first one, the good spidey logo =)


  5. I’d have sent it already if you included an email address with your message. 😉

  6. That’s so cool! Of ya make any more….I’d but one from ya.


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