Classic 80s collectibles and toys sale in Greenhills!


If there ever was an event that geekofalltrades was made for, this is it.  So apparently they’re selling these old toys and stuff in greenhills (it says behind Tropical Hut, I’m not entirely sure where that is though).  Sale’s good while supplies last, and Toni from Metroblogging Manila got her hands on some really interesting stuff:

I went there last weekend and got an old Dragonlance Atlas, a 1985 Dragonlance calendar, a Marvel Superheroes RPG, and my husband got several old toys from his childhood like GI Joe. There’s a mix of things — old paint-by-number kits (I’m not sure about the paint’s quality though!), old Lisa Frank stuff, old figures and dolls whose names I don’t remember, lots of old fantasy books.

A Dragonlance Atlas! Wow! Who would thought?  Hey ET, let’s go bully some kids into giving us their GI Joes!


3 Comments to “Classic 80s collectibles and toys sale in Greenhills!”

  1. I’d bully anyone for Dragonlance memorabilia!

  2. mga isip bata pala kayo eh!!!!!!!!! ang tanda niyo na nag lalaro pa kayo ng mga laruan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mga kupal

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