Playlist Manila : The Painting

So there’s this thing called Playlist Manila that geek chorus will be holding on May 16, where you get to submit playlists that’ll be judged by a panel of “celebrity” music judges and the crowd.  I had this half done painting wasting away in my room, and had a sudden epiphany.  It’s be perfect as a sort of entrance sign for playlist Manila, with a just a few extra elements added.

<-this was supposed to be background art for a “dictators” painting, but I felt bad that I’d cover up  all the work since it looked nice. My plan was to paste pictures of dicators over the background.

First up, I needed to make a stencil for Playlist Manila and Geek chorus.  I was hoping to tie in the look of the painting to the poster/flyer I made for the event, seen here.  Luckily I already had a “headphones” stencil lying around, so it made the job much easier.


After a few hours of doing that, it was time to take a break, then head on to the local hardware shop t buy some spraypaint.  Luckily they had a sale where each can was going for 110 pesos, so I got a good deal on “signal red” and “just plain black” paint.  Now it was time to set up the stencils and start spraying.



Now that’s done, and the piece is almost finished.  My coup de grace was to wheatpaste some flyers I xeroxed onto the painting, to make it look like somethign you’d see on the streets.  It didn’t quite turn out like I’d hoped though.

<–Too thick.

Unfortunately, the tutorial I got from the net wasn’t very specific with the amounts needed for wheatpasting (edit: I shuld’ve scrolled down. apparently there was some really good advice being given on proper wheatpasting recipes.), so I ended up using a paste that was a bit too thick, making icky bulges pop up out of the flyers.  Live and learn I suppse, at least now I know to add more water to the paste next time.

<–Tada! Le finished product.

Now my only problem is how to mount this bitch up on a wall for the event.


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