The Last Stand Zombie Shootin Game


Flash Games have certainly come a long way, and The Last Stand is a Prime example of that.  In the game, you’re one of the few survivors of a Zombie infestation, and you have to hold out as long as you can against the invading horde.  After you shoot down all the zombies in a level, you’re given the opportunity to fix your wall(keeps zombie out), look for survivors (who help shoot down zombies) or look for weapons (the better to kill zombies with), and it’s this management of assets that decides whether or not you’ll make it through the game.

There’s some strategy involved in zombie shooting, since where you shoot the zombies has an effect on how fast you can stop them from destroying your fort.  Shooting zombies in the head oftentimes stops them in their tracks, and further along in the game cops in SWAT gear come out that you have to shoot in the head or legs because they’re wearing kevlar.

It’s a great time waster, though at a certain point you’ll have the maximum number of people and the best weapons available and the game sort of plateaus at that point.  If the makers of this game ever do a sequel, it’d be nice to have a story or a goal to look forward to, like waiting for a rescue team or something, because otherwise the novelty wears off after the thousandth zombie kill.


7 Comments to “The Last Stand Zombie Shootin Game”

  1. man, i never thought running zombies can be a bitch! *retries playing day 2 for the 86486141th time*

  2. there is an end to the game. Wait until day 20 and a recue team comes.

  3. Oh really? Hmh. Well the game doesn’t really give any indication of that, so it’d still be nice to have hints of that while playing the game so you feel like there’s somehthing to look forward to. Thanks for the tip josh.


  5. Stop sucking ur dad and dont u get a fuckin life u skank!

  6. Is this is a flash game?

  7. Sure is a flash game.

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