Good games and good booze

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first official DS night in Grilla Kalayaan! It was rough going at first (for the first hour or so there were maybe 6 of us in total) but then people started pouring in and it was a blast for everyone involved. I personally met some great people, and got my ass handed to me in mariokart and brain age (poor penmanship’ll kill ya). Of course I was boozed up, so I got an excuse.

Pics here, but I’m pissed at Jayvee for picking the absolutemotherfucking worst pic of me evar.


5 Responses to “Good games and good booze”

  1. i see geek people…

    (i want a ds too! curse you, collegehood!)

  2. Hey, you know Jayvee? I met him at the INQ7 office once.

  3. Are these gals really gamers and do they really own a DS, or they got their pics taken because they’re chicks?

  4. Two of them are girlfriends of gamers and play their boyfriend’s DSes and one of them has her own, afaik.


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