So I’ve been thinking about directly importing electronics lately, since I’m a gadget fiend.  I know that Korea has some lowkey electronics companies that put out good products, and since my dad was able to get a hold of a Korean company over the net to sell him home water purifiers, why can’t I?  I staked out a few companies, namely Cowon, Meizu, and iRiver.  Samsung seems like the obvioius choice, but they’re so big now that they have partners all up in the hizzay, and an email or fax from me would just get lost in the shuffle.

Cowon and iRiver are starting to make a presence in the DAP already, and it looks like it’ll be difficult reaching them, but Meizu seems like they’re small enough to give a guy a chance, so I stumbled through their barely comprehensible website until I came upon this bit of Engrish comedy gold.

Meizu.com will support our customer with various,and interesting information.
Also,meizu.com will have customer services to who using meizu mp3 player as precious value.

meizu.com will be with you any time whenever you want. Thank you.

Well, I certainly hope they keep their promise to be with me “any time whenever I want”.


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