Mr.Potato Head Optimus Prime


This is the funniest/coolest toy I’ve seen in a long while, and I want one.


10 Comments to “Mr.Potato Head Optimus Prime”

  1. That is cool.

  2. isn’t it hilarious? I don’t know if you’re just shocked beyond words or your mind is so blank that’s all you can say. 😛

  3. No, it’s literally _cOOl_. 😉

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  5. I want one too!

  6. So. Cool. Need. One. Badly.

  7. ay.. hehe.. para kang small kid. =)

  8. optimash prime !!!

    the key tagline is `more than meets the FRY`

  9. lutuuu..lutuuuu….
    jd pengen beli
    atu nya berapaan yaw…

    translate in english :
    i want it one too..
    how much does it cost? in indonesian rupiahs (IDR)

  10. Got one for X-mas!!!! WOOHOO!

    B.E.S.T G.I.F.T E.V.E.R!

    Thanks honey!

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