So now I’m ALMOST a little bit excited to watch the Transformers movie


Almost. After seeing this trailer on Defamer. I’m still pissed at guyver-ish redesigns of the robots and the fact that michael fucking bay is directing it, but maybe if I just ignore the fact that this is a transformers movie and just treat it as a regular old summer action flick, I’ll get by without frothing at the mouth and hurling invectives at Bay’s mutilated corpse. Maybe. Oh, and is it just me or do the transformers not talk in this movie? wtf? Sign language maybe? Ok I’m sort of NOT excited again. WEll at least the transforming “e-e-u-u-o-o-u-u” sound is intact, thank god for that.


4 Comments to “So now I’m ALMOST a little bit excited to watch the Transformers movie”

  1. ::fan girl moment::
    i love starscream’s tranformation sequence or who that jet is supposed to be!!

  2. hahaha! yeah i gotta admit that part was pretty cool. I just really don’t understand why they felt they had to go all out on the robot redesigns.

  3. peter cullen, the original voice of optimus prime will be doing prime’s signature voice for the movie 🙂

    so yes, they talk 😀

  4. well ok. i still don’t agree with the ugly ass robot redesigns.

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