I found out where Jessica Simpson honed her songwriting skillz.


So I’ve been thinking about writing songs because a)I’ve always wanted to be in a band but never got the chance and b) actually it’s just a).  I never did join a band cause I was too much of a pussy.  I could never learn an instrument to save my life and musical notes were as good as numbers to me (I’m useless at math, except for calculating 10% of anything) and my voice wasn’t exactly a showstopper plus I have stage fright.  That right there is a horrible, horrible combination.

But this post is not about my songwriting dreams and aspirations, but rather about why the hell does ultimatesongwriting.com look like a fansite for rainbow brite?   Seriously.  I mean, is this where britney, christina, or (insert name of blonde airhead here oh hello Jessica Simpson) go to when they feel like they actually want to write their songs?  Suffice it to say that I didn’t stay there very long, but moved onto bloggingmuses.com, which proved to be a much more visually restrained and interesting blog about songwriting.

Oh look, some of the snark’s returned. Isn’t it grand?


4 Comments to “I found out where Jessica Simpson honed her songwriting skillz.”

  1. I love Rainbow Brite.

  2. And what I want to know is where Avril Lavigne learned how to write songs. “Girlfriend” is sheer genius.

  3. who could concentrate on the writing? she was hot in that video!

  4. Stop going to this site and go to wanderous.org instead.

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