When there’s no will, there’s no way

I haven’t been blogging for ages, and I figured I’d update today just in case anyone’s curious what’s happened.  The truth is, not much really.  I jsut got bored. Again.  When I started this blog I thought it would be cool to put together a repository of all the geeky and cool things I encountered in real life and while trolling through the internet.  It was fun for a while and I got addicted to seeing my stats rise (thank you antonella barba, you have no idea what your being half naked meant to me) but I’d always have periods where I’d completely lose interest in blogging.

I think it was partly because it felt like it required so much effort to try to be funny and witty and/or snarky while writing that I felt it really wasn’t worth it anymore.  I’d run across a few interesting tidbits on the net and think ah, someone already wrote about it anyway, what’s the point?  Also, I’ve been working a lot on stencils and artworks offline, which frankly gives me a much larger sense of achievement than anything I’ve done on a computer screen.  The ability to actually touch the artwork you made makes a whole world of difference, and I find myself looking for ways to get off the computer more and more.   Let’s just say there’s a different kind of feeling when someone comments on a work you made online as opposed to a friend of yours saying that they like the t-shirt design that you made.

So what’s the point of this post?  I’m not sure that I’ll keep geekofalltrades up, but its not like I’m paying anything for it, so I’ll just let it lie in limbo for a while.  One of these days I’ll post again, but when that’ll be, only time will tell.

Al this drama, and I’ve only had this site for like, 8 months. Jeez.


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