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June 29, 2007

Viking boy

This is why I love vector art. My tablet is stretched out over two monitors so its damn near impossible to sketch properly, but with just a few wild lines laid out here and there you can vector something together that looks halfway decent.

Thrashing about wildly on tablet

Looks as if someone actually put some thought into it

June 28, 2007


Just felt like doing something creative today, but not too much, so I just revamped an image from a time not too long ago that I’d rather leave in the past. Except for this drawing of course.



I’ve missed working with vectors.

June 27, 2007

Street art in Manila

Or specifically, in the UP katipunan area.  I’ve been virtually sitting on a huge pile of pictures taken on my jaunt through UP last holy week that had me taking pictures of every bit of street art I could find.  Apparently there’s a nascent street art scene growing up in Manila, that’s far from being as developed as the grafitti you see in New York but light years better than the amateurish tags seen in the metro when being hiphop was still “in”.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite artworks.


This dude calls himself “ff”, and has a thing for gorillas.  I found it hilarious how he painted right over the mmda “art” shapes.  It looks like he’s using the kind of brush you use to paint houses and diupping it liberally into a can of boysen.  Good stuff.  I wonder if the gorilla motif was inspired by bape?


Not quite as pretty as the gorilla but just as consistent, TMTK favors furry pink worm/caterpillars that seemingly enter in and out of “black holes”  Nest to FF, he’s probably the most prolific graf artist in the area.  Looks like housepaint as well, but with a smaller brush for the fur.

Clown guy

He/she doesn’t sign his pieces, but there’s at least one graf artist out there who has a preference for clowns.  Obviously he’s never wathed “it”.

Momy Nick

Momy nick likes drawing bear-like creatures.  Very iconic, very t-shirt worthy (idea!).  The top image looks to be spray painted on, while the bottom looks like acrylic latex (aka boysen).


It’s interesting that the scene’s grown enough to have its own griefers, or guys who just shit all over everyone.  ZTEG makes it a point to mess with other graf artist’s artworks, or perhaps it’s a collaboration?  The penis sticking out of momy nick’s bear would have me think otherwise.

Sticker Grafitti

This sticker grafitti intrigued me a lot.  I’d heard a little bit about it before but I had no idea that it was already present here.  It looks like he draws the circles with paint then sticks the cut-out stickers on afterwards.  The watertank piece on the bottom is really quite impressive up close, though it paints over some older grafitti.  On the top image, you can see more of zteg’s handiwork in the form of the blue streaks of paint.

Random stencil art

The Diceman

Hey at least someone misses him


Mao (Zedong) is free?

If any of you out there have an interest in street art or art in general, I encourage you to take a walk around UP sometime to take some pictures.  I only hope that this isn’t a fad that’s going to die down soon, as I plan on going back with a much better camera one of these days to take even more pictures.

You can check out the rest of the pictures in my Flickr account here.

June 26, 2007

Steampunk desktop


This is so fucking rad.  I wish I had the skillz, time, and patience to make something like this, but all I can do is drool.

June 25, 2007

Virtual Bubblewrap


Oh those kooky Japanese, what will they think of next? This, apparently.

June 23, 2007

Orson Welles = Unicron


Apparently Orson Welles of Citizen Kane fame was the voice of Unicron in the original Transformers movie.  I don’t know what amazes me more, that or the fact that he lived till 1987.

June 23, 2007

Comic Con 2007

So last weekend I went to the 6th annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention in Megamall, as I have for the past 6 years (except the one time it slipped my mind entirely).   I haven’t been as much of a collector as i have been in recent years, but I still wanted to check out the con to see what kind of buys I might find.  Also, I wanted to support my friend’s cosplaying as Cy-kill (as mentioned in the post before this).  Anyhoo, I snapped a couple of pics with my D900 that I thought you guys might enjoy.

My friend as Cy-kill. Give gobots a chance, why dontcha?

His brother came as leader-1.  I didn’t get a chance to shoot him with his yellow goggles on, a shame.

 Shockwave, the robot who can’t shoot a thing to save his life, and is somehow put in charge of defending ALL of Cybertron while the other Decepticons are away.  Behind him is Arcee(sp?), one of two known female robots in the Transformers universe.

And here we have cardboardboxtron, one of the few Decepticons with a sense of humor.  He didn’t last very long.

I thought this one was kind of cute. Cell Jr. from Dragonball Z.  On a side note, it’s cute how cosplayers are such camwhores.  I had my camera trained on this dude for a second and he had this pose ready to go.

Speaking of camwhores…  By the way, the sailor moon second from left?  That’s a sailor dude, if you know what I mean.

This dude came tricked out in full stormtrooper gear, which was totally badass.  Double-chinned dark robed Jedi in the background…notsomuch.

Speaking of badass, this dude, whatever he is, looked totally awesome.  He won bestmostelaborate costume something or other, and he deserved it.

The swag.  I got this Ekimus bust for 1k, which is pretty sweet since it’s a limited edition, and I’ve wanted a bust, any bust, for the longest time.  that’s a shyguy on his shoulder.

I also got this Stikfas action figure and some premo! sculpting clay for around P350 total.  I’m planning on doing some custom toys in the future, and I thought I’d practice with this.  I wanna make a steampunk stikfas.

All in all I spent less than 1.5k this time out, which isn’t bad.  I guess I’m not into buying toys as much as I used to be, but the convention’s still worth the once a year visit.

June 22, 2007

T-shirts! And stuff.

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d update allayouse on what I’ve been up to the past month or so. Mostly T-shirts, but here’s a little update on an artwork that I put together for playlist Manila:

Added a few doodads like the arrows and more drawings and stuff. I should really get my ass to mag:net cafe and get this home before they decide to throw it out with the trash.

Based on the artwork I made a while back. made a scaled down version of the “machine” and the other symbols. I’m digging the color scheme on this one.

Made specifically for the recent comic-con, because my friend was gonna go dressed up as a go-bot to counter all the transformers hype. I’m not crazy enough to go to a con in costume, so I just put together this shirt. Remember, Transformers are gobots in disguise.

The idea here was mixing up pop culture references, hence the gundam zaku robot and the lyrics “domo arigato, mister roboto!”. I have a few more ideas for shirts like this, one featuring zangief with the movie title “From Russia with Love”. Can you dig it?

This shirt was born out of my experiences in Boracay, namely a drinking binge that had me yelling “BE RESPONSIBLE” while belting out bon jovi on the videoke. On the back is a quote that will forever be burned into me and my officemates’ collective psyches, when we were actually considering the implications of staying in boracay and not going back to work the next day. I said “fuck it, we’re all gonna die anyway, let’s do it!” Obviously because we were a bunch of wusses, we didn’t do it.

Lastly, in what may be a preview of things to come, the first T-shirt I’ve made for a friend of mine, neatly packaged and labeled (it’s actually a bench plastic…bag…thingie that I just spraypainted on, but it looks pretty neat, no? It’s a Sealab 2021 shirt, in case ya didn’t notice.

Finally, to everyone who’s been asking me how they can purchase a shirt, thanks for the support, and rest assured I’m trying to figure out how I can make this work. You’d definitely have to live in the Greater Metro Manila area, you have to provide your own shirt (so’s we know it fits you right) so I’d just be charging you for the design and labor.

June 18, 2007

Intendo Reborn

Intendo, the other site I “write” for, has been reborn with new writers, more content, and a facelift that does the contect justice.  most of my gaming related stuf will be posted there, so do check it out once in a while kids.

June 15, 2007

Fantastic 4 movie review


For the most part, I enjoyed myself.  I don’t expect anything deep from movies of this sort, so I was pleased enough with the action scenes, and felt that Doom was a big enough threat this time around.  Jessica Alba looks odd with all that makeup plastered on her face, like they’re trying to make her look more white.  Silver Surfer’s moral crisis is passably done, cause you really do feel for the dude.  One does wonder how he and the cloud that is galactus negotiated his sparing Norrin’s world for his services as herald.

Too many meh jokes thrown in though, and they passed up the opportunity for a killer ending.  At the end, when Sue and Reed are discussing if they’re ever going to have a normal wedding, Reed says “I have an idea.”  Anyone with a funnybone would instantly think “Vegas”.  But no, they go get married in Japan with some random people as guests.  Somebody shoot those writers, please.