Comic Con 2007

So last weekend I went to the 6th annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention in Megamall, as I have for the past 6 years (except the one time it slipped my mind entirely).   I haven’t been as much of a collector as i have been in recent years, but I still wanted to check out the con to see what kind of buys I might find.  Also, I wanted to support my friend’s cosplaying as Cy-kill (as mentioned in the post before this).  Anyhoo, I snapped a couple of pics with my D900 that I thought you guys might enjoy.

My friend as Cy-kill. Give gobots a chance, why dontcha?

His brother came as leader-1.  I didn’t get a chance to shoot him with his yellow goggles on, a shame.

 Shockwave, the robot who can’t shoot a thing to save his life, and is somehow put in charge of defending ALL of Cybertron while the other Decepticons are away.  Behind him is Arcee(sp?), one of two known female robots in the Transformers universe.

And here we have cardboardboxtron, one of the few Decepticons with a sense of humor.  He didn’t last very long.

I thought this one was kind of cute. Cell Jr. from Dragonball Z.  On a side note, it’s cute how cosplayers are such camwhores.  I had my camera trained on this dude for a second and he had this pose ready to go.

Speaking of camwhores…  By the way, the sailor moon second from left?  That’s a sailor dude, if you know what I mean.

This dude came tricked out in full stormtrooper gear, which was totally badass.  Double-chinned dark robed Jedi in the background…notsomuch.

Speaking of badass, this dude, whatever he is, looked totally awesome.  He won bestmostelaborate costume something or other, and he deserved it.

The swag.  I got this Ekimus bust for 1k, which is pretty sweet since it’s a limited edition, and I’ve wanted a bust, any bust, for the longest time.  that’s a shyguy on his shoulder.

I also got this Stikfas action figure and some premo! sculpting clay for around P350 total.  I’m planning on doing some custom toys in the future, and I thought I’d practice with this.  I wanna make a steampunk stikfas.

All in all I spent less than 1.5k this time out, which isn’t bad.  I guess I’m not into buying toys as much as I used to be, but the convention’s still worth the once a year visit.


6 Comments to “Comic Con 2007”

  1. Great pics and i loved the Gobots great outfits

  2. Cardboardboxtron is awesome!

    And, uh, I actually know who that Jedi is.

  3. hahahaha! Well. I still say the stormtrooper was more badass. 😀

  4. Was Cy-kill Camilo?

    Oh and that samurai with a hat is if I recall correctly, a summon character from the later Final Fantasy games. I think you give him cash to perform an attack.

  5. tnx for coming at the toycon! see u all this december Toy fair

  6. I will conveniently steal your pictures. Yoink!

    Uber thanks dude.

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