I’m not quite sure what to make of the Nokia 7500.  On the one hand, it seems very blade runner-ish and its very 80s sharp edges must appeal to some people.  And on the other hand…well it’s almost as if Nokia should really get out of the stylish phone game. I’ve gouged Nokia for not having come up with an original looking design for years, but every time they try (hello N76) they just fall flat on their faces.  Safe design is what Nokia does best, and I really think they should stick to it.


2 Comments to “Noki-huh?”

  1. Looks like they got a bit of the Transformers fever. This looks like it can unfold or something. I kinda like it.. at first glance.. but I can image this will get old fast.

  2. thanks for the comment dude. I have mixed feelilngs about it too.

    Hey that proudly pinoy contest looks interesting, I think I’ll join too. 😀

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