Die Hard 4.0


The action summer blockbuster to watch this year. Until the Bourne Ultimatum comes out, maybe.  This is the perfect movie to watch with a big tumbler of popcorn and a bunch of your friends.  Bruce Willis is a badass.  Justin Long is funny at the right moments, and provides a way for the audience a character they can relate to.

My one peeve, my one and only peeve comes when (kinda spoiler alert) maggie Q gets hit by an SUV head on and not only survives, but manages to put up a fight afterwards.  Granted, some of the action sequences were a bit ludicrous, but they were feasible.  You get rammed by an SUV and you’re crippled for life at the very least, and you’re not gonna start kicking the shit our of Bruce Willis.  If anyone, and I mean ANYONE decides to argue this with me, I will ram them with an SUV and watch amusedly as they try to get up and prove me wrong.  Really, I will. Anyway watch the movie, it’s well worth the price of admission.

One last thing.  Kevin Smith has a bald spot?  A HUGE one?  I had no idea.


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