Transformers follow up


Now that I’m over the movie, here’s something that’ll perk up even the most disheartened Transformers fan: A soundwave mp3 player!

Also, because I can’t express myself clearly enough, I shall direct you to two podcasts that say exactly why I wasn’t quite floored by transformers. One reason they brought to light about the redesigns that I entirely agree with was that one of the things that made the transformers so fun was that even in their robot forms you could tell what they were supposed to be. But in the movie, they were so “robotized” it was almost impossible to tell what they transformed to in vehicle form.

Back to Soundwave. Interesting that he’s called “music label” soundwave. Is he in the pay of music execs?  Is this what happened after he got kicked off the set of the Transformers movie?  That’s right, he’s the RIAA’s new semi-legal watcdog, and he’ll track all you music pirating criminals down!


3 Comments to “Transformers follow up”

  1. this is so cool! do you know how much it costs?

  2. no idea, looks like its japan only for now though.

  3. hahaha, i’d get that id i listened to music ;p

    about $100 according to the engadget link.

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