My first T-shirt sale (maybe)

Well, this is for everyone who’s been asking about how to get t-shirts offa me. I recently made a t-shirt featuring the monkey character by graf artist ff, seen here:


front close up


back close up

Now I really like how the T-shirt turned out, but the catch is that it’s just a tad too big for me. It’d have been perfect during my chunkier days, but unless I start packing in the pounds again it just looks a little awkward on me. So. I’ve decided to sell it for the low,low price of 900 pesos. Ok, so it’s not THAT low, but let me explain the thought behind the 900 peso price tag before you all go apeshit on me. The basic formula is:

T-shirt = 200 pesos

materials + labor + design = 550

payment for “gorilla” design (assuming ff looks for me and asks for a royalty) = 150

Total = 900

Please consider that this shirt design was made by hand (cut it out and painted it myself and everything) andis at this point a one of a kind design. You can wear it with the utter confidence that no one else will have the same shirt as you. If that’s important to you at all. If you don’t think the price fair, but you’re interested in the shirt, let me know what you think and why you think its unfair and I’ll get back to you. inquiries can be sent to FF, you can also send me threats and cease and desist letter, or we can negotiate just how much I owe you for stealing your design.

I’m also selling this Gundam shirt for 600 pesos, since I’ve used it once or twice, and it’s just too small for me.


By the way. If any of you (friends, family, passerby) think I’m crazy for selling it that high please please let me know.  It’s much more useful for me to be told I’m crazy instead of you smirking and casually clicking on the “close’ button.  🙂


4 Comments to “My first T-shirt sale (maybe)”

  1. raising funds for something? 🙂

  2. nope. well it would help, but im mostly selling it cause it doesn’t fit me well.

  3. pre, ayus ung mga shirt mo ah.. ano yan spray lng or silk screen,

    actually now lng ako naka visit sa ganitong site , nag search lng ako sa yahoo ng “bape philippines” kc trip ko ung design, at ung ice cream pla ..

    mahal naman ung t shirt mo!!!!

    pre… ayus yan … email mo n lng ako kung magiging mura na ung t shirt mo at may bagong ideas ka!!!

    ty ty ty

  4. $20.00 usd for your one of a kind hand made T isn’t bad. Also that zaku shirt is copyright infringement not that it matters in the philippines. You also got the logo from the wrong side (google zeon logo and you’ll find the right one) and from the wrong series. More power to you for designing your own clothing though. good luck.

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