Beyond the Window (and onto the pavement)

In homage to my FRIEND mapet’s photoblog, I present to you the saga of shyguy and bull-bull (only funny to those of a filipino persuasion).

Hi there, my name is shyguy. I live a meaningless existence in a 12th floor office somewhere in makati and sometimes when the mood is right I wonder what lies beyond the dirty window that obscures my view of the city.

Oh hello there, reflection of me. Say, I was wondering, how’s life over there? Is there really a meaning to all of this? Is life really better on the other side? Only one way to find out you say? Well, that’s true isn’t it. Well then, I’ve made up my mind. I will journey the other side…

…on my faithful steed, bull-bull! Who apparently appears out of nowhere, right beneath me. Bull-bull is a red bull. Red bulls have lots and lots of energy. Truth. He will be very useful in traveling the world beyond the window.

And so my friends, I bid you farewell. My journey begins here, and I do not know when it will end, but I’m sure I will have a wealth of experiences and stories upon my return.

MANILA (AP) — reports of a masked man astride a bull falling to their deaths in Makati city have been confirmed. Residents of Manila’s main commercial district claim they heard the sound of breaking glass before hearing a large thump similar to the sound of meat falling on the pavement. A really, really large hunk of meat.

Philippine police have no clue as to the identities of the victims, or if this was a suicide. Initial forensic analysis has yielded no clues to the identity of the fatalities, as the man riding the bull seems to have a mask that simply “won’t come off”. No identification information could be found on the man, so the police will have to resort to DNA testing.

The latest reports indicate that a bespectacled office worker was seen walking around the bodies mumbling something to himself about “going beyond the window”, but this has yet to be confirmed.

More updates on this story as new information arrives.


6 Responses to “Beyond the Window (and onto the pavement)”

  1. hello FRIEND!

    hahaha! kulit ni shyguy!

    remember, it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer! šŸ˜›

  2. Yes! this is true according to ken rockwell at!

  3. tama ka dyan mapet! (ahem, ahem)

    but seriously Ryan, i think you have too much time on your hands…it’s just not healthy anymore…tsk, tsk.

  4. That’s true. soon I’ll be jumping out windows astride a red bull.


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