Guilty Pleasures: Good Charlotte’s Good Morning Revival


I hate Good Charlotte.  Really really hate them, as much as I hate any triple platinum raking in the money like there was no tomorrow fucking hollywood starlet bands that complain about their miserable lives.  But dammit they set out to reinvent their sound and they succeeded more than even they probably thought they would.  Their first few single (the river, get your hands of my girl, dance floor anthem) are catchy as hell, and for the most part the album manages to keep that spirit alive and kicking.  I’m still a little ashamed this is in my zen but what the hell, it’s better than catching them on MTV and being forced to watch their skinny tattooed bodies just to hear a song.  The last few songs feel a bit tepid though, so best avoid them entirely.


4 Comments to “Guilty Pleasures: Good Charlotte’s Good Morning Revival”

  1. You’re an idiot!!How can you say that??Good Charlotte knows exactly how we feel,and they’ve saved my life from suicide. So if they didn’t exist,I’ll be death. I’m sure that you’re so stupid that you don’t understand their message,idiot!

  2. are you stupid…???
    good charlotte is the most favourite band in the world…
    how can i say that…

    fuck you!!

  3. how can u say that ….good charlotte ROCKS!!!I luv them a lot.

  4. you know what you need to shut yyour stupid ass mouth
    you little prick fuck you
    because good charlotte haas saved alot of teens from death and poeple like them because they know what their talkin about i bet you dint even know what their sayin in their songs so you need to go somewhere
    good charlotte if my whole life i would do any thing for them and everyone who says they suck or make fun of them should go to HELL!!!!!!!!
    because you dont know wat good music is i bet you listen to shity music
    so dont tlalk about other bands and say they suck because alot of people like good charlotte and listen to their music and feel what their singing about
    so shut your stupid mouth and dont ever talk about good charlotte AGIAN!!!!!
    for every one else who likes the band
    ROCK ON!!!!!

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