Collectibles Corner

As anyone who’s known me long enough can attest to, I love to collect things.  Entering my room is like being in the localized version of the 40 year old virgin.  I collect toys, books, comics, cards, just way too much shit to fit into a single room.  My defense has always been “well it’s an investment” but really, it’s not.  Still, I do have to admit that my taste for toys has waned in recent years because I no longer have the shelf space necessary to display them.  So if I get a toy it has to be A) fantastically cheap and/or B) look really cool/funny.  Hence:


It’s a Japanese KISS Ace Frehley SD figure.  How strangely odd an awesome is that?  The packaging totally got me, and it set me back 70 pesos at the toy palace in farmer’s market.  They have some X-men toys from ’95 and some odd Mad Max stuff too.  Any toy aficionado should definitely check it out.

And on the matter of saving space, I’ve recently checked out some of the NBA cards they have up on, and there’s really quite a few gems there, like these two cards:


The one on the left is an excellent/near mint 1978 topps Kareem Abdul Jabbar card.  It’s was printed out before I was even born!  No idea how much it costs, but really, to find a gem like this in the Philippines is pretty damn rare.  The card on the right is a Marcus Camby/Moses Malone card that’s autographed by Moses Malone.  Moses was THE Malone before Karl came onto the scene, and is contemporary of Jabbar and Chamberlain.  Autographed cards always increase the value of a card, especially since this is one out of a thousand.

I actually quit buying NBA cards around 10 years ago because it felt kind of silly to be paying so much to buy pieces of cardboard with pretty pictures on them.  But after collecting toys for a few years, you kind of learn to put things in perspective.  Besides, at least NBA cards have some relation to the real world, and you can store a whole collection in a single drawer.


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