I hate Nokia but the N81 makes me think twice


I have traditionally disliked Nokia phones, and only gave the N-gage a chance because the concept of a multiple use gadget has always intriqued me.  In general, I find that Nokia’s phones ar boxy, unsexy, and their UIs look like they did when they were monochrome and pixelated.

This little number makes me wonder though.  The N81 still has the same crap UI, but the design’s just so much sexier than I’m used to from nokia, almost Sony Ericsson-like, and with 8GB of space  and a 2.4 inch screen it almost gives the iPhone a run for the money in my book.  My creative zen had a 2.5 inch screen and watching movies on it was a delight until it got cracked down the middle and started bleeding liquid crystals.  With a 3.5mm headphone jack and dedicated gaming buttons that don’t look awful, this’ll be the phone that might make me buy Nokia again, if Nokias weren’t so damned overpriced here.


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