I now pronounce you chuck and larry

A funny, if sometimes a little too over the top movie.  Brilliant acting all around.  It’s nice to see Sandler abandoning his retarded nice guy schtick.  Apparently bombed by critics, but I think this is a case of leave your brain at home and you won’t be disappointed.  Jessica Biel is hawt.  Ving Rhames as a fag isn’t as funny as it seems.  The ending was a bit contrived but if you expected more then you’re an idiot really.


One Comment to “I now pronounce you chuck and larry”

  1. I saw this like a month ago. You’re dead on. I too thought the acting rivaled Othello. Ving Rhames is downright bone-chilling as a homersexual. Biel is a piece of ass.

    The gay jokes were hilarious at times. Hilarious.

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