Did you know? featuring Adam Baldwin


Been on a Firefly kick lately, looking for memorabilia online and checking to see if there are any established Firefly nerdclubs in my neck of the woods.  No such luck, but remembering what someone said in a podcast about Adam Baldwin aka Jayne of Firefly fame being a voice actor in a video game, I decided to check his credentials in IMDB.  So, did you know:

  • He was the voice of Superman/Clark Kent in the animated version of the Superman/Doomsday plotline
  • He was the voice of Hal Jordan in the Justice League animated series
  • He was the voice of Archer in the P2 game Kill.Switch (and according to the podcast people, he was the voice of random NPCs in the game, and it was funny because every character was just his voice in different pitches)
  • He’s in a new series called Chuck, which I haven’t had the chance to catch yet but have heard is borderline good

I love how the internet is a repository of all the information you never even knew you wanted to know.


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