My Etrian Odyssey Episode 1 : Firing Troubadours

Etrian Odyssey is a DS game by Atlus that promises to last much longer than an average game, so I thought I’d chronicle my adventures in it just for kicks. Essentially you’re a party of aventurers that travels down into a big hole to seek fame, fortune, and mugwort.

This will be sort of a crossover with Intendo, since I wanna try to keep contributing there as well. So clickety click in the link to enjoy My Etrian Odyssey Episode 1, in which the party is felled by treerats and a troubadour is fired.


4 Comments to “My Etrian Odyssey Episode 1 : Firing Troubadours”

  1. Aissa is a Dark hunter. She like whips and leather, and dresses like a hooker to distract enemies. Chris is a Protector, which means he wraps himself in armor and carries an enormous shield, quite obviously overcompensating for something. Mapet is a Medic, obviously for healing because she’s damn near useless with that stick of hers. Miriam is a troubadour, who dances and sings and cheers us on to heights of bravery. Thought she’d be good for a laugh.


  2. What happened to Episode 2??

  3. Suikoden V happened. 😛

  4. Is Suikoden done happening yet?

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