Trillanes and company were lucky

Senator Inmate Trillanes is a fan of hyperbole:

“now we see just how far this government is willing to go to stay in power”

Well thank god, if that’s all they’re willing to do. I mean really, as much as I hate to admit it, the government was pretty efficient in handling this particular crisis (course they had practice a few years ago with the same bunch of guys, so that must help some). They managed a show of force without any casualties whatsoever. Of course one might call their show of force overkill since Trillanes and his buddies didn’t have the balls to fight back anyway, but I assure you that had this happened in Russia (hello Chechen separatists) or Pakistan we’d be reading about a Magdalo massacre right now.


4 Comments to “Trillanes and company were lucky”

  1. Sorry for your poor understanding buddy, but i think “Senator/Inmate Trillanes” as what you call him and his Band of Brothers have more than balls and are man enough not to “fight back” because they are not only thinking bout them selves but for the sake of those civilians and reporters safety…and if it did happen, you’ll be reading bout a blood bath…Russia is DIFFERENT from the PHILIPPINES! And as far as close quarters combat is concerned, you’ll be reading not a massacre, but a slaughter of both sides…but who ever wins, it is always the civilians who will lose. Thats the just the point, plain and simple. Maybe the other side (Government) is prepared to take them (MAGDALO) dead or alive at all cost (Dead Civilians/Reporters), Magdalo’s cause is different…anyways i understand your point of view, cause i think you never held a gun in your hand for as long as you live…lets say a fire fight broke out between Gloria’s men and the Magdalo, well you’ll be reading bout Men slaughtering their own, Magdalo has no stomach on that, but if needed, if they will go down, they will take with them as many as they can just to prove their cause that the FILIPINO’S ARE WORTH DYING FOR!

  2. First off, we’re not buddies.

    Second, I can see how you managed to misinterpret my post, but let me be clear: I admire and at the same time am annoyed by Trillanes and his people because these coup attempts are so half assed. The thing is, you can call for a protest all you want, but if you’re expecting the President to just up and leave Malacanang because you held a press conference in The Peninsula, then you better check your plan again.

    All I’m saying is that if Trillanes and company wanted to instigate change, hell if they want people to take them seriously for that matter it’s either have an all out revolution, or go gandhi. These little disruptions in our lives leave no effect except maybe for the owners of the peninsula, who are now scrabbling to have their hotel repaired for the holiday season.

  3. I’m sorry, Gh0st Unit, but if anyone’s got a poor understanding of this incident it’s you.

    “they are not only thinking bout them selves but for the sake of those civilians and reporters safety”

    If they were truly thinking that, they wouldn’t have chosen a five-star hotel in the heart of Makati. By instigating a pseudo-coup in an area densely populated by civilians (not to mention foreigners) they were already putting those people in danger. Kung ayaw nila mandamay ng ibang tao, pumunta sana sila doon sa bundok. They chose their location precisely because of the potential danger to innocent people, they knew that it would discourage the use of force on the part of the government and make a police/military operation much more complicated. In short, they were covering their asses and using civilians as a human sheild.

    “just to prove their cause that the FILIPINO’S ARE WORTH DYING FOR!”

    Trillianes is no Ninoy and he and his cohorts are cowards, not heroes. Ninoy did not attempt to hide behind anyone. Ninoy took a bullet for his convictions. Trillanes couldn’t hold his ground for more than a few hours tapos teargas lang pala ang katapat nya. Color me unimpressed.

    Trillianes claims he did this for the Filipino people. First of all, who appointed him as our messiah? The Filipinos certainly didn’t. He apparently misunderstood the 11 million votes he got in the recent election. It was a protest vote, not a statement of personal beliefs. Second, the Filipinos gained absolutely nothing from his stupid stunt. Naperwisyo lang tayong lahat. Sinira lang nya ang bagong-renovate na Manila Pen. (He’s being sued for damages, among other things. Last I checked he wasn’t exactly rolling in money, though as a senator he has access to public funds. Sana naman hindi ang taong bayan pa ang magbabayad para sa katangahan nya.)

  4. ghost, I know where you’re getting at but you see, this coup thing is overused. it’s the refuge of the unimaginative. almost everyone in the 3rd grade level can get it right on the easy round of a spelling bee. dammit, we want originality(which actually works!!)

    now, is that too much to ask?

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