30 Days of Night


Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see this movie yet really should.  I can think of a lot worse movies to be watching than this, Fred Claus (one wonders at the boatloads of cash Paul Giamatti and Vince Vaughn were must have been paid to make this movie) and Mr. Magorium’s wonder emporium being two prime examples.  There’s action, suspense, survival, gore, and a very, very subtle romantic undertone that never gets in the way of things.  It also offers an interesting take on vampires, which unfortunately wasn’t explored as much as I’d like.

I’m not even much of a horror/thriller movie fan, but I still enjoyed this movie, and I’m interested in reading the graphic novel it was adapted from.


2 Comments to “30 Days of Night”

  1. I thought the ending was rather anticlimactic. It didn’t feel like it was absolutely necessary for Josh Hartnett to turn himself into a vampire. And it’s not like we got to see Josh really kick ass with his new vampire powers since there wasn’t much of a fight between him and the main vampire dude. And after their “showdown” all the other vampires just left? They couldn’t spare five minutes to beat the shit out of him before daylight?

  2. I heard that in the graphic novel that “choice” wasn’t present. Perhaps he was turned into a vampire already, and decided to duke it out with the other vampires to distract them.

    Apparently there’s also a sequel to the graphic novel, and I’m curious how the story will progress, considering one of the central protagonists is dead.

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