Blockbuster trades


Well, not so much a blockbuster, but a pretty big trade nonetheless, and one I’ve been itching to do for days.  I’ve been pushing my “bang for buck” philosophy lately and just had to get my hands on Hedo Turkoglu.  However, the only way to get Hedo would be to let go of one of my studs, Baron Davis.  This wouldn’t make sense as a one on one deal since BD still outpoints Hedo regardless of his efficiency, so a larger deal was in order: enter Andris Biedrins and Jose Calderon.  Both guys are cheap overachievers, and  when combined with Hedo, their total point output is 1512.  Now aside from Baron, I’d been meaning to ship out two relatively underperforming players int he form of Udonis Haslem and Brendan Haywood, who combined with BD have a point total of 1435.

While I’ll miss BD’s beard and Udonis’ veteran presence, the point difference means that for almost the exact same amount of dollars the new players have made 77 more points.  This is only points tallied so far though, so it’s not certain that they’ll keep up the output, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

On a side not, I just noticed that all the players I traded out are brothas, and the ones I just signed are all whities.  Curious turn of events, entirely unforeseen.


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