Deathproof is ok too


Finally got to see the second half of the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse two parter, Deathproof.  This one’s the Tarantino movie, and while I don’t think I managed to blog about the Rodriguez helmed Planet Terror, I’ll preface this mini review with the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed Planet Terror.

I’d heard that Deathproof was by far the superior movie, so I entered the theater fully expecting to enjoy myself.  I almost didn’t.  The first quarter of the movie was pure cinematic masturbation on Tarantino’s part, and I just couldn’t get into it.  I suppose it was meant to be an intro into the “stuntman mike” character, but it just played on WAY too long.  I think the idea was that the first part of the movie was an entirely different story altogether, as evidenced by the sudden change of the title in the first few seconds of the movie, which lends itself entirely to the “grindhouse” aspect of the film, but nevertheless it just didn’t work for me.

The latter part of the movie though, was pure, unadulterated badassery, and was well worth the price of entry. In the end I’d say that I enjoyed Planet Terror much better, if only because I laughed a hell of a lot more than in deathproof.


One Comment to “Deathproof is ok too”

  1. I liked Deathproof more, though I agree that the whole first part of the movie was weird.

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