Eastern Promises is a killer


It’s sort of a shame that Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg’s follow up to the well acclaimed A History of Violence, had such a limited run locally.  It lasted all of one week before they pulled it out, and I only got to watch it because we live on the fringe of the capital, which means our malls sometimes get movies later than usual.  Viggo Mortensen is a driver who works for the Russian mob in London, where Emma Watson ends up with a 14 year old girl giving birth and dying on her watch in the hospital.  It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a side of the world that you never really want to see, a gritty picture of the English underworld that’s far less amusing than guy ritchie’s movies would have you believe it to be.

If you live in the boondocks like me, you have one more day to check it out in the theater, or else you’ll probably just download it.  On a side note, is it just me or do both these movies have really awful posters?


2 Comments to “Eastern Promises is a killer”

  1. That’s right Ryan, this is another great film that will be underappreciated in the Philippines. Thank goodness I was able to see this months ago in the United States. Sadly, I watched this movie for free by sneaking in after watching Kingdom. I really wish I could have given ~$10 to Easter Promises rather than Jamie Foxx’s action flick but hey, I gotta look out for myself.

  2. amen to that brother. I didn’t know you were in the states, when you coming back, if ever?

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