2007: my year in review (as illustrated by the prettiest little girl in the world)

Seeing as it’s my birthday and the end of another tumultuous year, I thought I’d take a look back at the events that shaped my year. In a stroke of luck, while I was pondering what kind of picture I would use to represent the choices I’ve made this year, my sister dropped me an email with pictures of my niece, Nina. So without further ado, I present to you my year in review.

Pushing forward, looking back


The beginning of the year was a hard one for me. Certain events had occurred that made me want to just move forward and get past everything, but at the same time a lot of emotional baggage was dragging me behind. But like Nina, I just kept pushing forward and dragging that wooden horse behind me, and slowly things got better.



This year was also marked by numerous choices that I had to make, choices of love and career, both of which had huge consequences. Nina illustrates this by wondering “do I want the toy, or the box the toy came in?” Ah, decisions.



Towards the end of the year I was offered a dream job. A high risk, high paying job to work as a concept and game artist for a game development startup. I would be working with people with a lot of prior experience in the game industry, any of whom would dwarf me with the amount of experience they have under their belts. The risk? Job security mostly, and the fact that if the paychecks stopped coming in I coudn’t do squat cause my boss is in another country.

Nina knows my apprehension. Here she is offered a gift by an aunt she’s rarely ever seen. Do I take it, she asks herself. Is it worth the risk?


Yeah, we took the bait. And for the most part, it looks like it was a good decision.

Pleasantly surprised, always suspicious


In closing, this year was tumultuous but ultimately a happy one. I’m content with where I am now, and at the surprises life has thrown at me. Just like Nina’s happy and surprised at the…thing (penguin?) she got for christmas.


However, life has been cruel to me at times, and so I always carry with me a suspicion that something bad is bound to happen eventually. And so I am happy but eternally on guard, waiting for the shit to strike me from on high.

Happy new year everybody.


2 Comments to “2007: my year in review (as illustrated by the prettiest little girl in the world)”

  1. Hi Ryan, thanks for the great year overview with wonderful illustrations! It has clearly been a good year, where risky choices have paid off well. Looking at Nina, 2008 is bound to become another adventurous year.
    Happy Birthday and New Year!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for giving Nina the starring role in your year in review.

    You’ve had a great year bro, no need to worry so much about the future. Be thankful for your blessings, work hard, be nice, more you can’t do. So, in other words, all the things you’ve been doing already.

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