Ryan’s goals


I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, but I want to try to be more disciplined in my life so I’m using joe’s goals to help me keep track of my habits. I have three simple goals this year:

  • sketch at least 5 minutes every workday
  • try to blog every single day of this year
  • exercise at least twice a week

The first two are the literary and artistic equivalent of starting your car every morning during weeks of disuse in order to make sure the battery doesn’t discharge. I want to keep my mind sharp and give my drawing muscle memory a tiny workout everyday so I don’t get rusty when I really want to work on a larger or more detailed piece.

The exercise is just because I’m becoming a fatass from being home all day.


3 Comments to “Ryan’s goals”

  1. try going to Eclipse Fitness Center for the working out goal. 😉 I just ahd to recommend this gym, all of the people there are serious in working out and all the coaches are really really helpful 🙂 Here’s the website if you wanna check it out: eclipsegym.com

  2. Thanks, I’m sure they’re great, but I’m just not a gym person. I always jsut feel stupid giving people money so that I can exercise, when all i really need to do is go out and play ball and do some free weights every now and then. 🙂

  3. Great Goals! I am with you on the gym thing. Last summer we paid for a year membership to Gold’s Gym. For me and my wife it cost about $950. We liked the daycare Golds has so we thought it would be great. The truth was hat our son ended up getting sick every single time due to the fact that people kept bringing their sick kids to the gym even when they weren’t supposed to. Short story is that we had to stop going because of the fact he got sick EVERY TIME! He has not been sick since.

    Now we refuse to pay for gym membership and now have bikes. We go for a bike ride from time to time and that is completely free, not to mention more fun. The whole family becomes involved in healthy habits instead of dropping the boy off while we work out.

    I just started a weight loss blog that is going to track my progress over the span of a year. I hope to write in my blog every day. Bottom line is that I HAVE to lose weight. nice blog!

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