Love and Hate : Rory’s and Mike Arroyo


I’m taking my cue from 1up’s sports anomaly and introducing a new part of the blog called love and hate. Essentially, it’s just me saying what I’m feeling good about, and what I want to take a shit on.


Rory’s bar in Katipunan. It’s the ultimate definition of a “hole in the wall” (trust me if I didn’t know beforehand that it was there’s I’d never have seen it) bar and restaurant opened up by some of Aissa’s friends. It’s right next to Bo’s Coffee and a few stores before Ilocos Empanada along Katipunan Ave. Best bets on the menu are Tofu and Mushrooms, and some sort of fish in mango pesto sauce . No pictures yet, but I’m sure we’ll be back there eventually.

Got to see the Stereolalas and Luna last night in Route 196. She still doesn’t recognize me, but hey the music was great. Had to leave the venue soon thoguh, being crammed in a room full of emo people was starting to get to me.


Mike Arroyo, for being involved in sports again. I hate this guy for being such an attention whore. He raises funds for sports and the training of athletes for the olympic games simply because hew wants to be seen as the saviour of Filipino sports. I will never forgive him for threatening to cut his support to sports programs because “no one appreciates his efforts anyway”. Fuck you for being a whiny bitch. If you really cared about sports, it would show, and people wouldn’t jeer at you for dancing in the boxing ring when manny pacquiao wins a match.


3 Comments to “Love and Hate : Rory’s and Mike Arroyo”

  1. Thanks for watching us, man! 😀 And I did recognize you! (Sort of) 😛

  2. I took a picture of the Tofu and Mushroom, though it only occured to me to do so after I’d taken several bites:

    I want to try the Pan de Sal Pleasure Platter with my coffee next time!

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