Love and Hate : Make English the national language again and get it over with


Love Because you find great deals like this Gears of War for Windows at less than 40 percent retail value. Gotta love the underground economy.


Filipinos. Why? Because Pinoys are sensitive, racist motherfuckers that’s why. They look down on people with dark skin and at the same time are overly sensitive when someone makes a bisaya joke. Then they go up in arms about how Filipino isn’t really Filipino but just a dialect of Tagalog. Granted, their arguments are probably valid, but the answer isn’t to give equal importance to other dialects and thus further erode any sense of national unity we have. As much as the Bisayas claim that Tagalogs look down on them, I’ve heard of Bisayas threatening to kill people who speak Tagalog while on their home turf. It isn’t a joke and it’s not funny and it’s this kind of clannishness that fucks up the country. If you gave equal prominence to other dialects you’d end up with certain areas becoming strongholds of a dialect, and when you go there you wouldn’t understand jack shit. That shit’s not funny, I tried it in Shanghai. Charades can only take you so far. I mean, have you ever tried charading to a taxi driver that you wanna go to the zoo? I digress.

Just have English as the national language, seriously. That way everyone’s happy, you can all go write your local broadsheets in your own dialects and make snide remarks to each other that no one will understand, and there won’t be a barrier of communication and people would stop bitching about this nonsense.


9 Comments to “Love and Hate : Make English the national language again and get it over with”

  1. I mean, have you ever tried charading to a taxi driver that you wanna go to the zoo?

    Ahh, fun times!

  2. “Because Pinoys are sensitive, racist motherfuckers that’s why.”


  3. “Because Pinoys are sensitive, racist motherfuckers that’s why.”

    ehhh.. so you mean you’re pinoy???

    just saying… just saying…

  4. how pity!!! as far as I know, Visayan are passive than tagalog. Some tagalog are “Feeling Superior” rather than bisaya… You can prove it sometimes….

  5. this is disturbing for me..

    The first line really threw me off and my immediate reaction to the writer of those words was ‘asshole!’ but I guess I just wasn’t aware of this whole issue to understand that point of view. I still disagree, it can’t be generalized at least, and proposing to hate people? how will that help? Sorry, this is just where I’m coming from.

    Also, the whole idea of making English the national language?? I don’t like it. I personally think our languages are beautiful and I’m sad that I don’t know any other dialect which is why I’m trying to start learning now.

    This whole issue is sad. What’s become of the world is sad. I just read NIGHT. wla lang.

  6. I personally think our women are beautiful, but that doesn’t give us an advantage in the global market.

  7. bababa ba?….. is that what you call language? thats a baby talk!

  8. what i personally am up in arms about is the fact that we’re not taught our native language – cebuano. Ask any middle-class visayan person to write an essay in bisaya that makes sense. i certainly can’t. we have the right to learn our native language – and keep it from dying out!

    if we’re forced to learn tagalog from grade one, they should at least make the effort to learn bisaya as well. if you’re not visayan, then you should know that learning tagalog is learning a whole new language – which it literally is.

    I am a Filipino, and I love my country. But I don’t identify with the tagalog language. And it horrifies me, the thought that one day, if the status quo continues, Bisaya will slowly die. Hawaii faced the same crisis years ago, when schools were taught in English, and they fixed it by teaching Hawaiian in school. Why can’t we do the same?

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