Own your own island for as much as a condo


After watching a BBC report on it this morning, I decided to look into how much it would cost to buy an island. Not that I’m looking to buy one, mind you, I was just mildly curious because in the back of my head if I ever got filthy rich that’s one of the things I’d do with my money, buy an island getaway. What I found out astounded me. You can get a small island in the Philippines for about as much as a condominium. Take for example Gilligan’s Island in Palawan. This 3 acre island with a small cottage and tiny beachfront area set someone back just $45,000. When converted to peso, that translates into roughly 1,800,000 pesos, or a studio unit in Eastwood or the Fort. I don’t know about you guys, but that totally blew my mind. Of course buying an island comes with its own set of problems and responsibilities, but the fact that it’s actually within reach (relatively speaking) is astounding to me.


2 Comments to “Own your own island for as much as a condo”

  1. Re: things we’d do if we were filthy rich. This awesome, but it’s only a close second to the gingerbread house.

  2. Ah, but you fail to see the big picture padawan. If you’re filthy rich you can build a ginger bread cottage on your island and stay there! You’d use it for food during your stay, so that by the time you leave its as if it was never there!

    OR! A ginger bread island! Ahh the possibilities. This is why I think our tycoons have so little imagination. They just don’t do shit like that.

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