Street Art Manila : Multicolored Nuno


I’m thrilled that some of the guys whose street art I’ve put up have come to the site (what’s up pilipinas street plan and the K-street crew), so I’m putting up some more today.  This was found along the little side street that connects c-5 and Amang Rodriguez, taken a few days ago.  It’s actually a row of three Nunos in different colors, but I couldn’t get a good enough angle to get them all in one picture.


3 Comments to “Street Art Manila : Multicolored Nuno”

  1. You can probably set-up a photoblog or a small gallery with photos of street art.

  2. You know I’d really love to but 1) I just don’t have the time and 2)This is a cheap way of sticking to my new year’s resolution of one blog post a day!

  3. =)

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