Knocked Up


Yeah I know it’s been out a while, but I only got to watch it over the weekend in bohol, thanks to my cracked and bruised but still managing to survive Creative Zen. The short of it is that I loved it. Since this movie is made by the same guys who did “The 40 year old virgin”, I was almost positive that I’d be laughing my ass off at it, but I’d say this was a better movie if only because it just felt more real. Nothing in it felt contrived, and the lessons learned weren’t passed along by some bartender giving sage advice. This, along with “The Breakup” is probably one of the most accurate portrayals of real life relationships that you can get when watching movies.

Also, this movie proves that men are animals, and there’s no way any of us can defend it. I’m looking at you, manblog.


One Comment to “Knocked Up”

  1. I admired the authenticity also, but i just couldn’t find anything to laugh at during my 1st viewing (DL’d it to my PS3). Mainly my problem was that it seemed like the director wasn’t making the best of the jokes, and they kinda fell flat for me because of that, even though most of them were genuinely good. It was just hard to laugh at sometimes due to the direction.

    Some scenes felt like they weren’t laughing matters, yet Seth and crew are firing off lines left and right. In this movie, a great example is pretty much whenever the older sister/wife is in a scene. Something just feels off about the comedy there, and it’s mostly because of the direction. This also happened in Superbad, if you remember (or saw) the scene near the end when the 2 boys get into a heated discussion about their friendship. That was just outta place. Apatow relies on his dialogue more than anything.

    Another thing is that the dialogue was a little too quick to feel genuine at points. Also, that in-joke humor is getting so fucking old, even if you’re actually in on the jokes. “Scorcese on coke, eheheheh!!” There’s also such a thing as too much derision. That can get tired, too. And it did.

    For me, this movie was primarily an excuse for Judd Apatow to put his buddy Seth Rogen in sex scenes with Catherine Heigl and let him insult every single body with in-jokes. I did laugh a little more the second time through, but my opinion is mostly unchanged. I’d find it funnier if i were a pothead, cause it’s definitely a stoner film. Glad i didn’t pay for it, mad i didn’t have any weed in me.

    I’ve had my fill of this type of comedy with SuperBad and 40 y/o Virgin, but i’d like Apatow to keep doing what he’s doing since no one else does comedies like him.

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