Movie Quote of the day : Conan the Barbarian



Mongol General: Hao! Dai ye! We won again! This is good, but what is best in life?
Mongol: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair.
Mongol General: Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

I could say this all day in an Ahnuld accent and never get tired of it.

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3 Comments to “Movie Quote of the day : Conan the Barbarian”

  1. One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies.

    Conan: You killed my mother! You killed my father, you killed my people! You took my father’s sword… ah
    Conan: The riddle… of steel.
    Thulsa Doom: Yes! You know what it is, don’t you boy? Shall I tell you? It’s the least I can do. Steel isn’t strong, boy, flesh is stronger! Look around you. There, on the rocks; a beautiful girl. Come to me, my child…
    Thulsa Doom: [coaxes the girl to jump to her death]

  2. oh man i would love to organize a conan film viewing.

  3. the most memorable movie quote that i could think of is the one on Forest Gump :”

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