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February 27, 2008

The man on the street

I saw a man on the street today drinking the runoff water from an airconditioner.  His clothes were filthy and he looked like he hadn’t had a real meal in years.  I had a feeling of guilt and helplessness, and a little anger at the insensitiveness of a ruling class that steals money from the people instead of investing it in their well being.

February 26, 2008


I haven’t been tending to this site much lately, and not because I was lazy (which is the usual reason).  I’ve been devoting more time to a new travel and food blog I’ve started with my girlfriend called wanderous.  It’s about travelling and eating and having terrific experiences without having to break the bank.  It’s about 1 peso fares, dreaming about kathmandu, and riding trains across asia. It’s also about where to find the best French Onion soup, which unfortunately is in Shanghai in a restaurant called “Steak and Hamburg”.

Today’s our semi official launch, so I’d appreciate it if you guys stopped by to take a look.  Thanks!

February 23, 2008


In the span of 6 or so hours, I have reached the rank of “bloodletter” in the arena, helped a half orc find out the truth about his vampire father, and flushed out a den of thieves taking refuge in an abandoned fort, and made it my own. I love this game.

February 21, 2008

Oblivion is on the way!


My copy of Oblivion is in the mail! I spotted it in ebay for 300 pesos and instantly got it. For an original game 300 pesos is dirt cheap. I still have very fond memories of playing Morrowind, so finally getting my hands on the follow-up to that games is phenomenal, even more so now that I have a video card that will eat the shit out of it ( or at least display it with respectable settings).

The beauty of both these games is their ability to insert you into a fully realized world, with its own politics, guilds, clans, and whatnot, then it allows you to do whatever you please. I played probably 40 plus hours of morrowind without even touching the main storyline, but had loads of fun just running around the world and exploring places that I’d never been before. I described it before as a single player MMO, where there was no one around to ruin the illusion that you really were in this fantasy world. In the span of time I’d played I’d discovered numerous cities, become the head of the fighter’s guild, had numerous warehouses scattered across the continent, and in short lived a fantasy life that I’d only imagined in books before. It sounds geeky as all hell, but dammit if it wasn’t one of the purest, most spectacularly immersing gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Here’s hoping Oblivion will capture that magic.

February 19, 2008

(1)5 minute sketches : Pink Boa


Decided to draw a chick for once.  Dudes are easier to draw, cause you don’t have to waste time prettifying them too much, but I think this one turnd out all right.  Added a dash of color so it’s not boring black and white.

February 18, 2008

Heroes has sucked me in again


The first few episodes were meh, and episodes 4 and 5 made me quit watching for a while and concentrate on my new favorite series, Avatar.  But episodes 6 and 7 threw a monkey wrench in the works, and set things into motion that have kept me glued to series once again.  I just finished episode 10 and I hate myself for saying it but I can’t wait to finish the second season.

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February 17, 2008


If you have a Zune, and you want to know how to make the most out of it (or even just how to turn it off properly), visit zunemods.  That’s all for today, I’m running on empty.

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February 16, 2008

Jumper is barely tolerable


I was one of those people who believed that Hayden Christensen’s awful acting in the newer Star Wars trilogy was due to George Lucas’ awful directing and hammy writing. I was only half right. Christensen proved all his critics right with this movie, and joins fellow actor Keanu Reeves in the “monotones only action heroes” club. He’s awful, just plain awful. He can’t even narrate well. There is no inflection in his voice and so you’re never sure whether he’s mad, sad, horny or angry, and your only clue is the shape his mouth makes. Also, Samuel L. Jackson looks like Sisqo.


I imagine the book must have been much better, but the plot just flits along too conveniently for my taste. Christensen’s apartment is full of pictures. When Sisqo Samuel L attacks him, a fight ensues and he barely escapes with his life. While looking amongst the rubble and licking his wounds, Samuel L find a few photos, chances upon a random one of a girl in a bowling alley and announces “well, who’s THIS?”. Cut to scene of Christensen going back to his hometown to hook up with said girl, whom he had a crush on since he was 5. Am I scaring you yet? Stay away from this movie. The special effects aren’t that great, and certainly not worth the price of entry. Do yourselves a favor and watch Juno or There will be blood. If I had friends with taste that’s what we would’ve watched tonight.

February 15, 2008

Guiltily Pleased

I’m sure this is something that every OFW or Filipino earning in dollars must have felt at least once.  That strange feeling when you see that the peso is weakening due to turmoil in the government.  On the one hand, you’re pleased because your dollars are worth more but on the other hand you’re saddened by the fact that this is only due to the fact that corruption is once again becoming rampant and obvious, and investors are being driven away, which will be worse for the country in the long run.

I’ve found myself watching the news and waiting to see if the Peso weakens further before selling my dollars, and while I know I’m simply being practical, a little part of me is disgusted with what I’m doing.

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February 14, 2008

Spore sounds amazing.


Spore and the things you can do in it sound absolutely amazing.  There’s too much for me to tackle in a post, but here’s a scenario: Say you have a creature, then you send out that creature to explore other planets while you maintain control over your home planet.  If at some point you decide to explore other planets, there’s a distinct possibility that you might see a form of your creature that evolved in a radically different direction than you had intended, because other people’s planets would have had a different effect on them.  Or for example, when dealing with an alien species your choices are no longer to simply choose diplomacy or war, you can do things like attack their food supply to make them weak or distract them with gifts and entertainers so much that they’ll forget to upgrade their military capabilities and fall easily to your army!

Read more about Spore here and listen to the guys on GFW radio discuss it in their podcast here.